Impact Test Balls

Standard: UL1989, 1418

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The Impact Test Ball is a specially machined ball to test impact resistance according to IEC, CSA and UL Standards. It is made of chrome-plated-steel for durability, and is fitted with an eyelet to facilitate testing for pendulum applications. Eyelet is threaded to the ball to allow attachment of a handle or force gauge. Weights are closely controlled.

Standard Model Number Description Weight
UL1989, 1418, and other ITB2 2 inch ball 535 grams
ATSM and UL ITB4 4 inch ball with eyebolt 4.3 Kg.
EN54 ITEN54 Brass Impactor 85 grams
IEC60950 ITB15 50mm diameter ball 500 grams
IEC60529 ITB20 50mm ball with handle NR*
ASTM ITB31 31 mm impactorw/o eye 121 grams
NFS/ANSI 51 ITB38 1.5 inch ball 230 grams
IEC 600656CL 18.2.3 ITB40 40 mm ball 265 grams
UL ITB49 1.25 mm balls (batch of 25) – simulates insects NR*
UL ITB50 .5 inch ball (UL) NR*
UL 639 ITB75 19mm (.75 inch ball) with eye 28 grams
UL 1082 ITB82 Rubber Ball 149.7 grams
IEC60529 ITB125 12.5 mm ball NR*
IEC 60529 ITB225 12.5 mm ball with handle NR*
UL 858 ITB325 3.25 ball 2.3 Kg
BS 4147 ITB630 2 1/8 inch ball 630 grams
UL TB6 6 mm ball NR*

* NR – Weight Not Required