Ergonomics has the most extensive line of Safety and Accessibility Probes; we offer a clear savings in direct sales to our customers.

  • We supply instruments, gauges and meters for product safety testing. Our products are backed by a technical staff that understands latest standards and can assist in determining test equipment needs or developing test procedures.
  • We specialize in¬†custom test apparatus and offer calibration and repair services on all types of product safety test equipment.
  • Regulatory compliance is our specialty. Contact us for consulting assistance in obtaining a CE mark or guidance through certification procedures.
  • These probes will help meet ISO9000 standards as well as IEC and UL standards.
  • All probes come with a certificate which states they have been calibrated traceable to N.I.S.T. If the calibration data is needed, calibration data sheets are available at a nominal extra charge.
  • Personalized service for each of our customers is how we do business every day!

We are always ready to help!

If you have questions about a product, or are unsure which products suit your needs, please
feel free to give us a call at 1-800-862-0102 or submit your question online.