Incline Plane Model IP01

Model: IP01
Standard: 60950

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Incline Plane — Model IP01     The Incline Plane, Model IP01, has been developed in accordance with established product safety standards.  Standards such as IEC 60950 and others require product testing at an incline of either 10 or 15 degrees.  Test surface is 900 X 870 mm and close to floor for easy access

Gasket Test Apparatus: 50E GT

Model: 50E GT
Standard: J 335/2-ANCE; UL50E; CSA22.2 No. 94.2

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The Gasket Test Apparatus is used to check the integrity and endurance of gasket materials used in a Type 2, 3, 3Rm 3S 4, 4X 5, 6, 6P 12, 12K or 13 enclosures. The requirements are listed in clause and is referenced as the Compression Test Gaskets used on enclosures for electrical equipment. The

Pushing Surface

Model: MGP800
Standard: IEC 60950

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Used in IEC 60950 series standards. Recommended to be used with the swivel adaptor G1018-1

Rigidity Test Hemisphere

Model: RTH10
Standard: IEC 61010-1 Clause 8.2.1

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IEC testing of rigidity of enclosures. IEC 61010 Used with force gauges and other applications.

Flex Tester for Plugs

Model: 7200
Standard: IEC

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The cord set or plug with mains cord are subjected to a flexing test to control how much the bending movement of the cord influences the electrical and mechanical connection.