Vitrek V50 Electrical Safety Testers

Model: V50

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Automated AC/DC hipot, insulation resistance and more.

Vitrek High Voltage Switching System

Model: 948i

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The solution for multi-point automated dielectric testing.

Vitrek Ground Integrity Analyzer

Model: 930i

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The ultimate in ground bond analyzer performance.

Vitrek Dielectric Tester

Model: 944i

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AC & DC Hipot plus insulation resistance and earth continuity all in one GPIB automated tester.

Simpson Leakage Current Tester, AC

Model: 229-2

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Conforms to ANSI C101.1-1986 “Leakage Current for Appliances” and UL safety standards.

Simpson Leakage Current Tester, AC/DC

Model: 228
Standard: IEC, ANSI, UL

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Special purpose AC/DC multimeter, true RMS readings, in accordance with IEC, ANSI and UL guidelines

Friborg Pink Noise Generator

Model: 2780
Standard: IEC 60065

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Generates pink noise according to IEC 60065 Annex C, Fig. C.1 Frequency band from 22.4 Hz to 22.4 kHz Additional sine wave 1000 Hz Variable output voltage 0-5 Volts