Impact Test Balls

The Impact Test Ball is a specially machined ball to test impact resistance according to IEC, CSA and UL Standards. It is made of chrome-plated-steel for durability, and is fitted with an eyelet to facilitate testing for pendulum applications. Eyelet is threaded to the ball to allow attachment of a handle or force gauge. Weights are closely controlled.


Standard Model Number Description Weight
UL1989, 1418, and other ITB2 2 inch diameter ball with eyebolt 535 grams
IEC60950, EN 61010-2:2001,IEC 60601-1:2005, IEC 61032:1998 ITB15 50mm diameter ball with eyebolt 500 grams
IEC60529, 61032 ITB20 50 mm diameter ball with handle NR*
IEC60529, 61032 ITB125 12.5 mm diameter ball NR*
IEC 60529 ITB225 12.5 mm diameter ball with handle NR*
UL 1082 ITB82 Rubber Ball 149.7 grams
ATSM and UL ITB4 4 inch diameter ball with eyebolt 4.3 Kg.
EN54 ITEN54 Brass Impactor 85 grams
ASTM ITB31 31 mm diameter impactor w/o eye 121 grams
NFS/ANSI 51 ITB38 1.5 inch diameter ball 230 grams
IEC 600656 CL 18.2.3 UL 61695 ITB40 40 mm diameter ball 260 grams
UL ITB49 1.25 mm diameter balls (batch of 25, simulates insects) NR*
UL ITB50 1.5 inch diameter ball (UL) NR*
UL 639 ITB75 19mm (0.75 inch) diameter ball with eye 28 grams
UL 858 ITB325 3.25″ diameter ball 2.3 Kg
BS 4147 ITB630 2 1/8 inch diameter ball 630 grams
UL TB6 6 mm diameter ball NR*

* NR – Weight Not Required

If you do not see the impact test ball listed here that you require, please contact us today to inform Ergonomics of your requirements.  We can manufacture and calibrate any Impact Test Balls that are required for your application.


Impact Drop Tester – Model IDT01


Impact Tester Systems – Model ITB15A


Impact Tester Systems – Model ITB2A