Swivel Adaptor

Model: G1018-1

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Used with force gauges and test fixtures to achieve proper alignment. It relieves stresses to the gauge. Can be used with MGP30 and MGP800 and all gauges having the same threads.

30 mm Disc for Force Gauge

Model: MGP30
Standard: IEC 60950 4.2

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Delrin® disc for testing to IEC 60950.

Wire Terminal Tester

Model: WT3-200

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The WT3-200 wire terminal pull tester is designed to measure the pull-off force of wire and tube terminations.

Ergonomics Creepage Gauge Set

Model: CGS32
Standard: IEC 61010-1-2001, Annex C; IEC 60601; IEC 60950 Annex F

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The Gauge Set measures creepage and clearance distances, distances through insulation and other spacings.

Caliper and Micrometer Set

Model: COM20
Standard: IEC 60601

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Measures distances through insulation and other safety-related distances as required by all safety standards.

Ergonomics Optical Comparator

Model: COM10
Standard: IEC 60601

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Used for measuring distances between printed wiring traces, and distances through insulation.

Screw-base Lamp Gauge

Model: SBL100
Standard: UL 588

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The Screw-Base Lamp Gauge is designed to evaluate live parts of intermediate screw-base lamps. It is made of stainless steel. This gauge meets UL 588 standard.