Cheesecloth – Model FC10

Model: FC10

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Cheesecloth is used for flammability testing per international and USA safety standards.

Cheesecloth is specified in numerous international and USA safety standards. It is produced for flammability testing and can be specifically used to test for the possibility of ignition. The cheesecloth supplied by Ergonomics, our model FC10, is made of bleached cotton. The minimum width of all of our cheesecloth is 0.91 meters (1 yard), and the minimum standard length of the product is 18.2 meters (20 yards), which can be customized upon request . We have a variety of different weights for cheesecloth for over 20 different standards, ranging from 32.0 g/m² to 51 grams/m². The thread counts range from 28 threads for any square inch in one direction by 32 threads in the other direction (28 x 32) to 41 x 29 threads per square inch. Ergonomics also provides custom widths, lengths, thread counts, and weights of cheesecloth as well for all types of testing and applications. Please Contact Us today to let us know your requirements.