Universal Impact Hammer – Model UIH20

IEC Standards: 60068-2-75, 60065, 60335, 60598, 60601, 61010

The UIH20 Universal Impact Hammer is the most versatile Impact Hammer available on the market today. It is designed to perform a wide range of impact tests for product durability. Ergonomics ensures this hammer is designed and built to work safely and easily in laboratory and product testing environments. We can also include an ISO 17025 ILAC and A2LA accredited calibration certificate with this equipment.

The UIH20 meets the testing requirements of industry standards such as IEC 60068-2-75:2014, as well as IEC 60065, 60335, 60598, 60601 and 61010.

The hammer simulates mechanical impact to electronic products and electrical appliances.
Five (5) selectable impact energy values of 0.20 Joules, 0.35 Joules, 0.50 Joules, 0.70 Joules, and 1.00 Joules can be set to perform tests to many different standards. These energy levels are adjusted by turning the dial on the end of the hammer.

A release mechanism assures a release force that is standardized at 10 N. The spring is easily released from a lock mechanism by pressing the cone-shaped polyamide tip of the impact hammer against the product under testing. The impact hammer is supplied with a convenient carrying case also.

Our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory is equipped to supply the certification documentation required to adhere to the strict standards set forward by the IEC and other regulating agencies.

In 2019, this UIH20 impact hammer replaced the Model F22.50 that Ergonomics also provided. That equipment is now obsolete.

Standard Product Specifications

1. The UIH20 impact hammer releases energy at the following levels: 0.20 Joules, 0.35 Joules, 0.50 Joules, 0.70 Joules, and 1.00 Joules.

2. The body, including release mechanism and striking element, has a mass of 1250 grams and an outside diameter of 50 mm

3. The spherical striking element includes a cocking knob and hammer head. The material is steel, has a radius of 10 mm, a total mass of 250 grams, and a total apparatus mass of 1.57 kilograms

4. The hammer includes a release cone of 60 grams mass and a helical compression spring of 9 grams mass

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