Universal Impact Hammer

Model: UIH20
Standard: IEC 60065, 60335, 60598, 60601, 61010

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Data Sheet

Able to select all energies from 0.14 to 1 Nm. Precision calibration is supplied with the unit. Meets all new requirements.

The Universal Impact Hammer is designed to perform impact tests for product durability. The UIH20 meets the testing needs of industry standards such as IEC 60065, 60335, 60598, 60601, 61010 and others. The hammer simulates mechanical impact to electronic products and electrical appliances.

This impact hammer is versatile — it can be dialed to a whole range of energy values to perform tests to many different standards. A compressed spring accelerates a hammer head to hit the sample undergoing test. The spring is released from a lock mechanism by pressing the cone-shaped top of the impact hammer against the product under test. The UIH20 is adjustable from 0.2 Nm to 1 Nm by turning a ring on the hammer.


  • Range Nm – 0.2 Nm to 1 N
  • Weight Grams – 4 kilos
  • Length – 280 mm
  • Diameter – 70 mm