UL Metal Rigid Finger Probe – Model ULP25

The UL Metal Rigid Probe is a highly accurate probe made in accordance with all the IEC, UL and International Standards listed below. It is a probe specifically designed to test equipment likely to be accessible by children. This rigid probe is made for forceful insertion where the flexibility of the UL Metal Articulated Probe, Model ULP20-68, would be difficult or insufficient.

The design includes a palm made of aluminum, with a stainless steel finger and tip simulation, ensuring durability and long life in any environment. It also has continuity provision through to the tip, and is adaptable with standard force gauges.

This precision probe is made in-house in our manufacturing facilities, which we proudly offer as a “Made in the USA’ item.

Applicable IEC and UL Standards

IEC 62368-1 Figure V.1
CSA C22.2 No47-13 Figure 1
ANSI Z21.88-2017 Figure 8
CSA 2.33-2017 Figure 8
UL PA100A (M)
UL 1492 Figure 18.1