Jointed Finger Probe – Model JFP10

This is a precision probe made in accordance with all IEC standards listed below. It is also used for Canadian and USA standards. It features a palm simulator and a restricted joint movement, which simulates the characteristics of the human hand. The finger is made of stainless steel and the rest of the instrument is Delrin®. Handle is designed to accept either a banana jack or a force gauge.

It is no longer necessary to have a separate probe for the medical safety standard. This one probe will meet all the different requirements that are in the IEC standards.

Our 17025 accredited laboratory is also contained within a high precision tool and die shop. All of our probes are made in our own building in the USA. Strict quality guidelines are followed to ensure adherence to even the strictest standards that apply. This also allows for very quick lead times, as generally, our probes are in stock.



Applicable IEC and UL Standards

IEC 62368-1 Figure V.2
IEC 61032 Figure 2 Test Probe B
IEC 60529 Figure 1
IEC 60950 Clause Figure 2A
IEC 60601-1:2005 Figure 7
IEC 61010-1:2001 Figure B.2
IEC UL 1450 Figure 12.4
IEC 60335-2-3 Clause 21.