Jet Nozzle VRI-NZ

Model: VRI-NZ
Standard: IEC 60529

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The VEROCH Jet Nozzle IPX 5/6 is designed to perform tests in large and small-scale products. It is a great option when a portable tester is necessary. The Veroch Jet Nozzle IPX 5/6 comes with two nozzles (6.3mm for IPX5 and 12.5mm for IPX6) The VEROCH Jet Nozzle IPX 5/6 meets the testing needs of industry standards such as IEC 60529.


– Instrument manufactured according to the relevant standards

– Pressure gauge (included)

– Digital Flow meter (upon request)

– Produced with high quality material and correct dimensions

– Supplied in a compact carrying case

– Comprehensive user manual

– Calibration Certificate available upon request