Jet Nozzle VRI-NZ

Model: VRI-NZ
Standard: IEC 60529

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The VEROCH Jet Nozzle IPX 5/6 is designed to perform tests in large and small-scale products. It is a great option when a portable tester is necessary. The Veroch Jet Nozzle IPX 5/6 comes with two nozzles (6.3mm for IPX5 and 12.5mm for IPX6) The VEROCH Jet Nozzle IPX 5/6 meets the testing needs of


Friborg Jet Nozzle Test

Model: 6990

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The Jet Nozzle Tester is designed according to IEC 60529 Fig.6. The tester has two sizes of nozzles diameter 6,3 and 12,5 mm.


Friborg Handheld Spray Tester

Model: 6600
Standard: IEC 60529, Fig. 5

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The Friborg Handheld Spray Tester Model 6600 is a low cost, manual alternative to the Spray Test Equipment Model 6100. It is designed to test larger sizes of products and for use when a portable tester is necessary. This tester is specified in IEC 60529, Figure 5.


Friborg Spray Test Equipment

Model: 6100
Standard: IEC 60529, 60335, 60065

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This consolidated and efficient test apparatus is designed to test products which would be exposed to water under normal use.