Calibration Laboratory



Calibration Services are available for ELF/VLF Field Strength Meters, AC Power Measurement Equipment, Product Safety Equipment and Accessibility Probes.

  • ISO 17025 Calibration services are available for Accessibility Probes, Product Safety Test Equipment, and ELF/VLF Field Strength Meters as well as other equipment used in manufacturing and testing. For example commercial test measuring tapes. Request a quote for the equipment you need calibrated.
  • Repairs and Parts – Repairs will be made for all products we sell. Replacement parts such as batteries, thermocouples, handles, etc. can be ordered. Prompt and careful work will be done on all your instruments.
  • List of Instruments routinely calibrated
    • Impact Test Hammers and Balls
    • Access Probes and Finger Probes
    • Impact Balls, Impactors and Weights
    • Force Gauges
    • Calipers, Sharp Edge Testers
    • Leakage Current Testers

Ergonomics, Inc. is accredited by International Accreditation Service (IAS). As one of three accreditations honored by NIST and OSHA, IAS is a member of ILAC so the calibration certificates issued by Ergonomics, Inc. will be accepted in most countries around the world

View Our Certificate:  L17-334 FINAL