Universal Impact Hammer — Model F22.50

Model: F22.50
Standard: IEC 60068-2-75; IEC 60335; IEC 60598; IEC 60601; IEC 61010

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The Universal Impact Hammer is designed to perform impact tests for product durability. The F22.50 meets the testing needs of industry standards such as IEC 60068-2-75 and required by IEC 60065, 60335, 60598, 60601, 61010 and others. The hammer simulates mechanical impact to electronic products and electrical appliances.

This impact hammer is versatile – Five selectable impact energy values can be set to perform tests to many different standards. 0.20J, 0.35 J, 0.50 J 0.70 J and 1.00 J.  A release mechanism assures release force standardized at 10 N.

Compressed spring accelerates a striking element to hit the sample undergoing test. The spring is released from a lock mechanism by pressing the cone-shaped polyamide top of the impact hammer against the product under test. The F22.50 is adjustable in steps from 0.2 Nm to 1 Nm by turning the dial on end of the hammer



Range Nm                                          Weight (Grams)                                     Length                               Diameter

0.2 Nm to 1 Nm                                    1.57 kilos                                               350 mm                              50 mm
(selectable 0.20J, 0.35 J, 0.50 J 0.70 J and 1.00 J.)  )