Scratch/Abrasion Tester

Model: 6891

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For conducting tests to IEC 60950 and 60065

The Scratch/Abrasion Tester makes scratches on the paintings of a printed circuit board. (An isolation test is then conducted on the subject.) IEC 60950 and 60065


  • a sharp steel pin makes scratches of the paint
  • the pin has a pneumatic drive for constant speed of 20 mm/second
  • the printed circuit board is mounted on an x/y table with fixing devices
  • the pin is put into position for scratching the first line
  • by putting a mechanical valve in the position “TEST”, the pin will move with constant speed for 100 mm and then stop at the mechanical stop
  • the pin and weight are taken away and the mechanical valve is put in the “RETURN” position. The cylinder then moves back to the start position
  • to make the next scratch, the x/y table is adjusted further to 5 mm in the x-position. The procedure is repeated.