Friborg Spray Test Equipment

Model: 6100
Standard: IEC 60529, 60335, 60065

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This consolidated and efficient test apparatus is designed to test products which would be exposed to water under normal use.

The Friborg Spray Test Equipment is a consolidated, efficient freestanding test apparatus designed to test products which would be exposed to water under normal use. This equipment sprays water beams and splashes water on test samples, such as washing machines, luminaries, etc. It generates a water spray pattern as defined in IEC 60529 to test the degrees of protection provided by an enclosure against access to hazardous parts by water.

An aluminum half arc tube with nozzles placed on the inside of the radius sprays water beams toward the center of the half circle where the sample is placed. The tube oscillates during the test at an angle of ±180 degrees.

Arcs of varying radii are available for use with this spray tester. A 1000 mm arc is supplied with the unit. Other arcs available are: 1600, 1400, 1200, 800, 600, 400, and 200 mm.


  • Tests to IEC 60529, 60335, 60065, etc.
  • Pneumatic drive means stabile and silent drive
  • Two stands holding the arcs are motor operated with lift capacity of 700 mm
  • Arcs use special nozzles with adjustable direction for the water beams (not drilled holes)
  • Three flexing angles ±180 degrees ±90 degrees -60 degrees
  • Water pump included to produce the correct water pressure
  • Flow meter for total water flow
  • Protection frames to deselect water beams from nozzles not used
  • Turntable has manual hydraulic lift with lift capacity height of 700 mm and cargo of 150 kilos – 1 rotation per minute
  • Arcs from radii 200 mm up to 1600 mm can be used depending on the required test.
  • Compressor for pneumatic drive as well as for cleaningnozzles after use
  • Dimensions overall – 2500 mm X 1200 mm X 2500 mm
  • Weight – 150 kilos