Friborg Hot Wire Ignition Tester

Model: 4600
Standard: IEC 60950

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To conduct flammability tests on insulating materials according to IEC 60950 annex A.4

According to IEC 60950 annex A.4 Technical specifications

The test is a flammability test to get an insulating material to start burning according to IEC 60 950 annex A.4. The sample is put on a specified stand and an element wire is wound around the material to be tested (80% Nickel and 20% Chromium).


  • Power consumption 0,26 W/mm – means a current of 7 A passes through the element wire.
  • Fixture for holding the sample according to Clause A4
  • Power output – 10 A/15 V DC with calibrated digital A- and V-Meter
  • Table top unit
  • Includes 5 rolls of element wire
  • Input power 220/115 50/60 Hz
  • Certificate issued by Friborg Testteknik AB