Friborg Fall Down Tester

Model: 5811
Standard: IEC 60335-2-3

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This equipment tests the mechanical stability of fixing the thermostats in electric irons. This stability is tested by allowing the unit to fall down 200 times on a steel support.

  • The equipment consists of a table with a vertical frame. On the table, a 15kg support is placed.
  • The test is executed with an up/down action pneumatic cylinder. The fall down height is 40mm, 20 falls/minute.
  • The control unit has a counter with automatic stop after a pre-set amount of test cycles, and a cycling timer for the control of the up/down movement.


  • IEC – 60335-2-3
  • Weight – 50 kg.
  • Dimensions – 450W x 680D x 1900H (mm)
  • Supply – Compressed Air, 6 bar