Friborg Dust Chamber

Model: 7050
Standard: IEC 60529

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Friborg Dust Chamber is delivered complete and ready for use after unpacking and connecting to mains and compressed air supply. The standard product chamber can be modified to meet customer requirements.

The size of the chamber can be custom made according to the customer’s actual requirements. As a guideline the chamber should have a testing effective volume of 10-25 times the volume of the sample. The dust chamber and dust handling system are described in IEC 60529, Clause 13.4.


  • The dust chamber has an ‘effective testing space’ of 1mі, and the internal measurements are LxDxH=1000x1000x1000 mm.
  • The external dimensions of the chamber are LxDxH = 1100x1100x1800 mm. The lower part of the chamber is a space for dust circulation devices etc.
  • Air circulation is executed by powerful fans which are going on off in intermittent intervals to keep the talcum powder homogeneous in the test space.
  • The voltage source of the fans is a frequency converter so that you can vary the rotation speed of the fans to meet specific requirements.
  • The vacuum unit generates the vacuum pressure in the sample and also the air leakage into the sample.
  • Vacuum unit consists of vacuum pump, filter to catch the talcum powder, flow meter to measure flow rate liter/hour, and vacuum meter.
  • The vacuum meter is of a special design with pneumatic drive — no moving mechanical parts. It has a very low sound level and low powder consumption.
  • The chamber has an aluminum door approximately LxH = 700×900 mm with window to observe the sample under test. Wiper for the window is included.
  • The sample will be placed on aluminum frame arrangement in the center of the test space
  • Lamps inside the chamber are included.
  • Supply 120 Vac 60 Hz or 230 Vac 50 Hz and Compressed air 7-8 bar.
  • Talcum powder according to IEC 60529 is included – 10 kilos. You need 2 kilos to load a 1mі chamber.
  • Timer for total time and intermittent operation is included.
  • Instruction manual is included.