Gasket Test Apparatus: 50E GT

Model: 50E GT
Standard: J 335/2-ANCE; UL50E; CSA22.2 No. 94.2

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The Gasket Test Apparatus is used to check the integrity and endurance of gasket materials used in a Type 2, 3, 3Rm 3S 4, 4X 5, 6, 6P 12, 12K or 13 enclosures. The requirements are listed in clause and is referenced as the Compression Test Gaskets used on enclosures for electrical equipment. The

Impact Tester Systems — ITB2A and ITB15A

Model: ITB2A
Standard: IEC 60065, 60950

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The Impact Tester System, Models ITB2A and ITB15A, have been developed in accordance with product safety standards IEC 60065 and IEC60950 and can be used for many other applications. It is used to determine the effectiveness of insulating enclosures and barriers and anywhere the robustness of mechanical assemblies is important. ITB2A includes an ITB2 (2″)

Universal Impact Hammer — Model F22.50

Model: F22.50
Standard: IEC 60068-2-75; IEC 60335; IEC 60598; IEC 60601; IEC 61010

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The Universal Impact Hammer is designed to perform impact tests for product durability. The F22.50 meets the testing needs of industry standards such as IEC 60068-2-75 and required by IEC 60065, 60335, 60598, 60601, 61010 and others. The hammer simulates mechanical impact to electronic products and electrical appliances. This impact hammer is versatile – Five

Impact Test Balls

Standard: UL1989, 1418

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The Impact Test Ball is a specially machined ball to test impact resistance according to IEC, CSA and UL Standards.