Friborg Cable Testing System (ACM ab)

Model: KSM

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Friborg Cable Testing System (ACM ab)


Friborg Hot Wire Ignition Tester

Model: 4600
Standard: IEC 60950

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To conduct flammability tests on insulating materials according to IEC 60950 annex A.4


Friborg Needle Flame Tester

Model: 4500
Standard: IEC 60335, 60065

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Combines 2 types of tests on a test bench. Flammability tests are as directed in IEC 60335 and 60065. Specifications Needle flame inside diameter 0.5 mm Regulation valves Refillable gas containers included (delivered empty due to shipping regulations) Dimensions: 300 W X 700 L X 500 H (mm) Weight: 6 kilos


Friborg Glow Wire Tester

Model: 4180

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Tests the flammability of electrical appliances. Determines the exact temperature at which material burns. Fully automatic.



Model: FC10

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Cheesecloth is used for flammability testing per international and USA safety standards.


Methenamine Tablet for Timed Burning

Model: FP100
Standard: UL1492

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This pill-sized source of fuel is used for flammability testing of many materials. It is required by UL product safety standards for furniture, upholstery, clothing and other fabrics. Example UL1492.